Canciones A Mi Madre

"I just spent one of the most cherished moments as of late listening to your CD. Rarely it happens to me that I start to listen to a CD and can not leave until the last track ends. It ends with the beautiful melody of Estrellita by Ponce and I was sad because I wanted to continue listening...you are making music on the guitar; and not, as happens too often, playing the guitar while attempting to make music...I also congratulate you on the quality of the recording, the cover art, the varied repertoire, and the title. Thank you for choosing my Suite del Recuerdo and for executing with such feeling. It is one of the best versions that have been recorded"
- Jose Luis Merlin
"I received and listened to your beautiful disc, which adds it self to a growing list of Latin American music recordings. It is a milestone that should be celebrated.  Your disk...adds itself to others which also belong to a sort of Latin American "Olympus". Our music and the guitar owe you a debt of gratitude and I share the joy of this publication wishing you the best of success. My sincere congratulations."
- Jorge Cardoso

Caprichos y Sonatas

Isaac's debut CD, Caprichos y Sonatas contains music by Rodrigo, Ponce, Bach, Legnani and Scarlatti. Sounboard magazine writes:

This CD is one of the best I have head lately. It has everything one could want: a nice variety of repertoire a realistic guitar sound, and playing that is very solid, both technically and musically.

Bustos opens Rodrigo's Sonata Giocosa with strength and panache, adorning the lovely phrases with shimmering mordent sequences and precisely calculated articulation. His clean, controlled, precise rasgueado is ably recorded by Vince Go, a producer who has been involved with several projects that have crossed my desk of late. Two Scarlatti sonatas are played with a light crispness, which rivals the harpsichord, with brisk, clean trills and well-placed glissandi. This reviewer has heard none better."

RED (2012) - TxGQ Debut Album

Featuring music by J. S. Bach, Antoine de Lhoyer, Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Albéniz, and Joseph V. Williams.

"Altogether this was a wonderful CD with some challenging and rare items that were impeccable in every respect, and I doubt you will have many of these pieces in your collection already. Wonderful and highly recommended."
- Classical Guitar Magazine


"This recording marks a tremendous accomplishment for the classical guitar...Their technical mastery, scholarship, passion, and intuitive ensemble playing contribute greatly to the remarkable nature of this recording...the TxGQ perform with virtuosity, clarity, balance, and a refined character which will no doubt help to establish them as one of today's leading guitar quartets."
- Guitar International